Kupanga ni Kuchagua

Staff Profile

Dr Mgabo M Richard - Senior Lecturer

Area of Expertise

Sociology and Public Health

Work Experience

Dr. Maseke Richard Mgabo (PhD) is a highly skilled professional with over 24 years of experience in various areas in Tanzania. He has a solid background in sociology, anthropology, and public health. He also possesses specialised skills in policy development, project and program management, and health and community development. Dr. Mgabo has provided consultancy services in health and development management, project/ programme monitoring and evaluation, group dynamics, behaviour changes, strategic planning and baseline surveys. His leadership and management skills have been instrumental in successfully designing and implementing projects, while his expertise in monitoring and evaluation has allowed for accurate assessment and improvement of social development initiatives. With a deep understanding of group dynamics and behaviour changes, Dr Mgabo has designed interventions that promote positive health outcomes and community development.

Professional Skills

  • Conducting Training Needs and Impact Assessments, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Facilitating the development of strategic plans
  • Conducting institutional or organizational capacity assessments
  • Facilitating the development of social policies
  • Facilitating participatory project planning and management techniques such as ZOPP/OOP, PRA, SWOT/C, and PESTEL
  • Conducting epidemiological studies
  • Carrying gender analysis, Gender discourse gender-based violence and gender mainstreaming in the development
  • Conducting sociological studies and Social Planning Vulnerability analysis
  • Conducting Baseline surveys and socio-economic profiles
  • Designing development programmes/ projects
  • Conducting livelihood analysis
  • Applying Bottleneck Analysis for Health Planning and Implementations
  • Conducting training needs assessment
  • Facilitating the development of participatory training materials;
  • Ethnographic, Social and Cultural studies

Research and academic Interests

Health, Society, Social Change, and Development and Management


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