Kupanga ni Kuchagua

Campus Life

Ms Jane Said Mchakama


The student's service directorate, headed by the Director of student’s service, deals primarily with the personal and social welfare aspects of the student’s life. The following facilities are provided by the office of Director of student's service: Students accommodations (Hostels), games and sport, worship, student counseling in various problems and career guidance. The Director of Student's service also assists the Deputy Rector Administration in student disciplinary matters. 


Active participation in sports and games can have many benefits in students’ life. It gives a student a chance to enhance the physical and social skills. The institute of rural development planning (IRDP) has some of the best sporting facilities including soccer pitches, netball and basketball courts. However, most of these facilities require intensive rehabilitation. A gymnasium where badminton, squash and weight lifting can be held is in place. Students can therefore participate in football, basketball, netball.

Students participate in Sports organized for higher learning institute (SHIMIVUTA) held yearly as well as intercollege game and internal competitions, other social activities include Mr and Miss Talent and Freshers Part.



We provide both on and off-campus accommodation for students as per individual’s choice. Accommodation inside the college is limited and in high demand at the beginning of an academic session.  Hostels rooms are available on application before the beginning of the academic year. Accommodation is therefore not guaranteed for every student. Students are urged to find their own accommodation outside the campus in case the inside hostels are full.

All facilities have favorable environment, having a bed, mattress, study table, a chair, security, electricity & water catered for. Special arrangement for Masters Students can be done on request. 

Payment of accommodation is made through control number which is provided during the beginning of the academic year.

No student will be given a room inside the campus until she/he has paid the prescribed rent. Priority for on-campus accommodation will be given to students with disabilities, foreign students, and female students.

Health Services



Students experience great challenges in both their academic and personal lives. Many new and important decisions are made during these days. Change is constant, and stress often accompanies these new experiences.

The office of Directors of student's services provides a place for students to discuss these multifaceted changes in a private and confidential setting. Counseling helps students cope with these challenges and make sound decisions. Students who are experiencing serious emotional difficulties or who require specialized or long-term treatment can receive referrals to professional services off campus.

Services are free of charge. The staff follows strict professional codes of confidentiality. Counseling records are not part of institute records.


The University offers cafeteria services with all meals to students at subsidized rates. The meals are paid for at the cafeteria counters. There are three cafeterias and a number of canteens on the main campus which have the capacity to serve the present student population.