Kupanga ni Kuchagua

Staff Profile

Dr Deodatus Katabaro Buberwa - Senior Lecturer

Area of Expertise

Dr. Deodatus Katabaro Buberwa is a Sociologist. He holds a PhD in Gender and Migration from the University of Dodoma, a Master Degree (MA) in Policy Studies from the University of Zimbabwe and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree in Sociology ffrom the Univers

Work Experience

Deodatus K.Buberwa [PhD] is a Senior  Lecturer at the Institute of Rural Development Planning, Dodoma, Tanzania. He specializes in Sociology, as he has been lecturing on this discipline for more than twenty years. He has internalized more on Gender in development aspects.  Apart from lecturing, Dr. Buberwa has been involved in consulting projects on Gender and Development aspects for a number of institutions, including PMO-RALG)  Tanzania   and (SIDA) in Tanzania; Local Government Authorities in Tanzania ; Gender Network for Dodoma Region (GENDOR); ST. Organization and IRDP ,Dodoma

Professional Skills

Dr, Buberwa has professional experience in undertaking Qualitative Research works and making Qualitative Data analysis. This has been featuring in studies about Power analysis on participation at the local levels; Capacity building on good governance; Analysis of Gender dimensions in different social aspects; Undertaking Participatory Gender Assessment Survey on NGO Gender Mainstreaming and Participatory Gender assessment on CBO’s Capacity to mainstream gender aspects in their activities; and Linking Rural – Urban Migration and Poverty Alleviation in rural areas

Research and academic Interests

Dr. Buberwa has a broad interest in Gender relations and the way it influences socio-economic development. His main research areas of interest are Patriarchy Ideology and development; Sexuality and social development; migration studies  and Culture and development.