Kupanga ni Kuchagua

Program Details

Program Details

Programme Description

Full time

Entry Requirement

Holder of Diploma in Economics, Taxation, Agriculture, Cooperative Management and Accounting, Tax Aquaculture, Banking, Building Economics, Business Administration, Business and Project Management, Logistics and transport, Community Development, Community Health, Development Administration and Management, Accountancy, Economic Studies, Tax Administration, Development Economics, Development Planning, Environmental Planning, Environmental Science, Finance and Banking, General Agriculture, Geo-informatics for Natural Resources Housing and Infrastructure Planning, Human Resource Management, Information and Communication Technology, Information Technology, Insurance and Risk Management, International Relation and Diplomacy, Entrepreneurship, Microfinance Management, Cooperative management and Accounting, Marketing Management, Agriculture Production, Business Informantion and Communication, Governance and Development, Industrial Relation, Public Sector Financial Management, Project Planning, Project Management, Public Policy and Planning, Land Management Valuation, Land Surveying, Livestock, Local Government Accounting and Finance, Procurement, Local Government Administration, Marketing Management, Metrology and Standardization, Metrology, Project Management, Project Planning, Public, Sector Accounting and Finance, Public Sector Financial Management, Real Estate, Social Work, Statistics, Tourism, Urban and Environmental Management, Urban and Regional Planning, Urban and Rural Development Planning, Valuation and Registration, Procurement and Supply Management, Tax Management Credity Management, Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness, Mathematics and Statistics, Public Policy and Planning, Customs and Tax Management, Public Sector Finance and Management, Industrial Relations with an average of "B" or a minimum GPA of 3.0. Holder of Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination with at least two principal passes in the following subjects: Economics, Geography, History, Commerce, Accounting, Advanced Mathematics, Kiswahili, Nutrition, Agriculture, Biology, English Language, Physics or Chemistry French, Arabic, Fine Art, Computer Science, Chines, physical education or Foundation Programme of The OUT with a minimum of GPA of 3.0

Learning Outcome